Court Orders UIF Payment for Asylum Seeker

(Source: LegalBrief; Full article: TimesLive)

Labour: Court orders UIF payment for asylum seeker

The Equality Court, sitting in the Vereeniging Magistrate’s Court, has ordered the Department of Labour to pay an asylum seeker his Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits, a ruling welcomed by the SA Human Rights Commission, which noted the Constitution prohibits discrimination based on country of origin. The Department of Labour said its computer system cannot process payments to asylum seekers because it accepts only the 13 digit identity number of SA citizens, notes a TimesLIVE report. The court ordered the department to amend its computer system so that asylum seekers would get their UIF contributions. It also awarded damages to the complainant and ordered the department to pay all UIF benefits to the complainant. ‘The matter raises the prospect that many other non-nationals‚ who may have faced this problem‚ have not sought relief because they are not aware of their labour rights‚ or may be too afraid to confront the system to assert their rights‚’ the commission said.

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